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Zoning Projects

WRNC Zoning Committee Meeting Agenda for January 15th at 7:30 pm

345-349A Baker St:

a.      Purpose: Combine two lots, each of which has an existing two-family dwelling, demo the existing structures, and erect a new two-family and a new three-family dwelling on the combined lot with parking on first level.

b.         Violations

                                                              i.      Two or more Dwellings on same lot

                                                             ii.      Use regulations: Two family forbidden

                                                           iii.      Dimensional Regulations: Main entrance to face the front lot line.

                                                           iv.      Building Height excessive (Stories)

                                                             v.      Usable open space insufficient

                                                           vi.      Rear Yard Insufficient

                                                         vii.      Side Yard Insufficient

1507 VFW Parkway:

a.      Purpose: Erect 2 new four-story residential buildings totaling 258 units (135 + 123) and 387 parking spaces. Total development consists of 2 buildings on one lot, total building FAR equals 357,040 square feet.

b.         Violations

                                                              i.      Flood Hazard district

                                                             ii.      Two buildings onto the same lot.

                                                           iii.      Multi family dwelling use is a conditional use. 

                                                           iv.      Note: Parking & Loading requirements to be addressed.


Development at 178, 186 and 189 Gardner Street:

a)       Purpose: Peter Davos and his development team, who successfully developed the new Oak Row Apartments at 1235 VFW Parkway, are now exploring a second phase of development at 178, 186 and 189 Gardner Street.  Consisting of approximately 1.4 acres of land area, the combined site includes the industrial properties at the rear of Oak Row and certain underutilized properties across Gardner Street and along Charles Park Rd. 

b)       The initial vision:   is to revitalize and convert the combined development site into a multi-building residential community, with a variety of townhome condominiums for home-ownership and rental apartments of differing scales, ample on-site parking and related landscape, pedestrian and open space improvements.   

JPNC Zoning Committee for January 16th at 7 pm

1). 632-638 Centre Street to construct additional story (fourth floor) on existing building and change occupancy from 9 residential units with office and retail to 18 residential units and 4 commercial (retail and office) spaces.

2). 95-97 West Walnut Park to change occupancy from two-family to four-family dwelling, add dormers, add a rear addition including garage with three off-street parking spaces, renovate existing building.