O’Malley on the Web, Version 4.0

Today I’m beginning the fourth iteration of my blog, the first time I’ve done it in nearly a decade. I was an early adopter of this format in college. O’Malley on the Web (OOTW) 1.0 essentially consisted of my nascent resume, some thoughts on the 2000 presidential election, and God-awful geocities formatting like scrolling texts and plugins that never quite worked.

OOTW 2.0 was a big selling point of my 2003 City Council campaign. I was called the first blogging City Council candidate as I chronicled my thoughts on the campaign trail and my experience as a first-time candidate. It was as therapeutic for me as it was hopefully interesting for readers. If folks are interested, I’ll link to some of my old posts on this page.

OOTW 3.0 was my Blogspot page from 2006-2010 covering sports, politics, and pop-culture with a heavy dose of New England nostalgia. I slowly built up a small but loyal readership that was no doubt aided by my popular ward-by-ward election analysis. Then there was the time I went semi-viral for my beverage nostalgia—Boston.com featured my piece lamenting the paucity of Orange Juliuses in malls. Every mall of my childhood had an Orange Julius and then one day: POOF! They all went the way of the Dodo. Some digital editor at Boston.com must’ve agreed with my premise, and my readership went up tenfold. I like to imagine I educated some Orange Julius fans about civic engagement if they stuck around.

I am hopeful that OOTW 4.0 will combine the best aspects of 2.0 & 3.0 with a heaping helping of wonky policy added in (plus plenty of parenthetical asides).  I will update occasionally and invite you to share your thoughts or ideas for topics in the comment section under each blog post or on social media (my twitter handle is @MattOMalley and my email is matthew.omalley@boston.gov).  Let’s take this journey again together.